Todays "Glass of the Day"
This painted wine glass is called Skinny Jack because it is on a narrow white wine. It has a Jack O Lantern painted on it and will have a striped stem and checked base. On the base there are candy corn.  Every week there will be a Glass of the Day special...so keep checking back to see if you want one of our specials to be your Glass of the Day!
The special right now is " Watching Dragonflies"
It is normally a $25 glass, but right now it is $20.
Summer is here and so are the dragonflies. To honor these crazy bugs I painted a glass using the bright colors of summer. The top of the glass is a colorful rendition of the dragonflies of summer. The stem is black and clear striped and on the base you will find more fireflies. Take the evening and enjoy your favorite beverage in this fun, whimsical, hand painted wine glass. To order just go to the Order Information page or drop me a note and I will be in touch.